Lotus Cashmere Co. ,Ltd was founded in October 2007, which is located in Xingtai city of Hebei Province. It specializes in developing dyeing, woolen spinning and worsted spinning some natural and luxurious fibres for the international weaving yarns ,handknitting yarns,handdyeing and wool craft markets .  Our products are exported to Europe, America,Australia, Russia, New Zealand, India, Nepal and other countries,and export  yarns more than 300 tons every year, including pure cashmere yarns more than 100 tons. We source natural fibres of the highest quality and our products include: mongolia cashmere,tibetan yak,baby camel, mulberry silk,superfine merino, organic cotton etc natural fibre yarns and materials,all of which can be custom spun according to the specific  requirements of our innovative and creative customers. 

    From the year 2009, we set up our branch,called Lotus Yarns Co.,ltd , Lotus Yarns focused on developing luxury handknitting  yarns ,and  also registered the trademark of Lotus  Yarns; Since 2012 Lotus Yarns has been distributing some international famous brands in China, such as  Debbie bliss,Louisa harding ,Juniper Moon Farm ,Opal and Noro  yarns; and some needles brands, like Addi,Knitpro and Brittany, leading China’s high-end yarns market towards to internationalization. 

     In response to the growing global popularity of hand knitting and other wool-related crafts, Lotus Yarns has also developed its own extensive range of luxury fibres and yarns in various weights and blends.  These products are available in their natural and undyed form, which are specifically aimed at independent hand dyers.  At the same time, an extensive selection of our dyed yarns is also available in a wide choice of colours, weights and blends, catering for the immediate needs of boutique wool retailers and independent knitwear designers from around the world. 


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